China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was silently, formally launched on June 29 to replace the old Ministry of Information Industry.

The launch ceremony of the new agency was a low-key affair, with none of the ministers or directors attending, let alone media. The whole ceremony was said to have lasted for only 20 minutes, featuring a military guard replacing the old sign of MII with a new one.

The new agency's internal organization structure, which reportedly has been approved, will be published in the coming days.

Synchronous to the launching ceremony, the former MII's website was updated and renamed MIIT, which is now located at However, the organization column on the website is still empty, for the new organization structure has not been officially released.

MIIT will have more than 600 personnel and consist of 24 bureaus and divisions instead of the previously rumored 25. It is rumored to have a 10-member party management team, which consists of Minister Li Yizhong; Vice Ministers Xi Guohua, Miao Wei, Chen Qiufa, Lou Qinjian, Ou Xinjian, Yang Xueshan; and Party Members Guo Yanyan, Jiang Chengkang and Chen Xiaozhu.


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