Beijing No. 1 Secondary People's Court has sentenced four Chinese companies, including Beijing Shiji Yuehua Technology Development Center, to pay CNY1.15 million in compensation to Nippon Electric Company Limit for making and selling fake keyboards with the latter's brand.

In November 2006, Zhuhai Department of Industry and Commerce issued a punishment to Zhuhai Yuehua Electronics Company and Zhuhai Yuehua Technology Development Company, and also confiscated from them more than 40,000 fake NEC keyboards, over 38,000 guarantee cards, 10,000 product quality certificates, a steel template with the NEC trademark as well as cardboard boxes and specifications printed with the name of NEC. Soon after that, NEC sued the two companies as well as the fake goods manufacturer Shenzhen Jinjijia Electronic Industry Company and seller Beijing Shiji Yuehua Technology Development Company for infringement, asking the four defendants to pay CNY1.5 million in compensation.

The court found that the four companies had made a minimum of over CNY1 million in profit by making and selling fake NEC brand keyboards, and sentenced them to pay CNY1 million to cover NEC's economic loss and CNY150,000 for other reasonable expenses.


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