Intel (INTC) formally launched five Centrino 2 processor technologies in Beijing this week.

These five technologies, which adopt many of Intel Core 2 Duo processors, are specially developed for laptop products.

Yang Xu, general manager of Intel China, told local media that different from Intel's Centrino processors which adopt the 65 nanometer technology, Centrino 2 processors adopt the 45 nanometer processor technology. With this new technology, the power consumption of the processor will be reduced, its volume will be smaller and the lifespan of the battery will be prolonged. All these advantages will help PC manufacturers to design better and more portable laptops. In addition, the wireless connection speed of Centrino 2 is five times faster than Centrino and its coverage is twice as great. Compared with its former generation, the functions of Centrino 2 have achieved a qualitative leap.

According to Hong Li, product director of Intel Greater China, Intel plans to launch another eight new processors within 90 days, including the company's first quad-core processor product and the second generation of the light and thin notebooks.


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