Rising has recently released a new version of its security assistant software Kaka 6.0 and launched a new Internet-based security model called Cloud Security.

As an important component of the Cloud Security plan, the Kaka 6.0 version has three anti-trojan functions which can protect against, find and kill trojan viruses. The automatic online check function of Kaka 6.0 is the core part of Cloud Security. When a user starts the computer, this function will run automatically and extract suspicious trojan samples from the computer. Then it will upload the samples to Rs Automated Malware Analyzer, the analyzing system of Rising. The whole process needs only a few seconds. After that, the RsAMA will send the analysis back to the user for trojan eradication. At the same time, the analysis result will also be shared with Kaka 6.0's other users through the Rising Security Database.

The Cloud Security plan aims at linking the users with the technology platform of Rising through the Internet and forming a huge network to monitor and kill trojans and malicious software. Every Kaka 6.0 user is a contributor to the Cloud Security plan and they can share the security results of other users at the same time.

The Cloud Security was started at the end of 2007 and its core platform RsAMA was put into operation at the end of March 2008. At present, it can handle about 100,000 new trojans per day.


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