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Kimchi Fridge: Samsung Opens Chinese Appliances Experience Store

Samsung has opened its first appliances experience store in China in the Suning Taipingzhuang branch in Beijing.

Located on the third floor of Suning Taipingzhuang branch, the Samsung appliances experience store covers an area of 300 square meters and it is divided into the products experience area and the digital training center. Products shown in this store include a kimchi refrigerator, robots, automatic vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, dishwashers, ventilators and ovens.

According to Fan Zhijun, executive director of Suning North China, Samsung has opened digital products experience stores in Beijing and Tianjin, respectively, but it is the first time for the company to open an appliances experience store in China.

As a cooperative partner of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in wireless communications equipment sector, Samsung announced its green Olympic strategy in China in April 2008. The opening of the large-scale appliances experience store is an important step of its Olympic marketing strategy.

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