The Chinese entertainment company Giant will soon launch the mobile phone version of its online game, ZT Online.

According to reports in local media, this is reportedly the first time for Giant to launch a mobile phone game and the company will soon unveil this new product to its cooperation partners in Shanghai.

Unlike common mobile phone online games, the mobile version ZT Online uses a part of the gaming data of the PC version to enable synchronous role creation, level upgrades, and interactive chats with the PC end. In addition, to make it a better option for the mobile phone users, the new mobile version ZT Online will introduce nearly 200 original story missions.

With several years' development, the Chinese mobile phone online game market now has a solid foundation. The popularization of the 3G network also indicates the explosive growth of mobile phone online games, and its market scale is expected to increase.

Giant has reportedly contacted some well-known mobile phone design companies and mobile phone manufacturers in China for the embedding of the game into their respective systems. The cooperation will hopefully promote the sales of these mobile phones.


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