Seventeen Chinese Internet companies have passed the credit rating scheme carried out by the Internet company credit rating evaluation center of the Internet Society of China.,,,,, and seven other Internet companies are in the AAA grade; is a AA enterprise; and another three companies are among the A grade.

This is the first time for Internet companies to import the credit evaluation system, reflecting the overall quality, financial situation, management, competitiveness, and social credit records of a company. The evaluation work began in August 2008 by the Internet Society of China and it is aiming at strengthening Internet culture and management.

The 17 companies will deliver a proposal to the entire industry for honest network management at the China Internet Conference 2008, which began yesterday in Nanjing. Promising to Chinese society that Internet companies will obey China's constitution, uphold laws, maintain network security, provide healthy products, and happily accept the supervision of the government, these companies are betting that having good corporate social responsibilities will aid them in their businesses.


  1. LOL. Very chinese rating scheme. AAA AA A. Just like the rating for fake brand name products.

    Is that LV bag AAA? AA? or A? (a common question when buying fake goods)

  2. Right and they have hotels that go off the charts to 8 and 9 stars all across China too because it seems ratings are in eye of the beholder hehehe.


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