Chinese e-commerce website will establish a strategic partnership with Chongqing Publishing Group and to build a logistics base in the southwestern area of China.

After the establishment of the partnership,, which specializes in selling books, and Chongqing Publishing Group will realize a further resource sharing in brands, channels and marketing through measures such as statistics sharing, collaborative inventory management and joint promotion. Peggy Yu Yu, head of, told local media that the reason for choosing Chongqing Publishing Group as Dangdang's partner is because of the stable sales of the group. At the same time, Chongqing Publishing Group is also looking forward to getting help from the powerful network created by

For this cooperation, will set up a special column for Chongqing Publishing Group on its book sales page and create a special area to introduce the contracted writers of the group.

Luo Xiaowei, president of Chongqing Publishing Group, says that the group will jointly do reader operations with by sharing the statistics of online book purchasers. In addition, the two sides' cooperation in collaborative inventory management will reduce Dangdang's logistical costs in the Chongqing market.

According to Yu, Dangdang is considering building a logistics base in the southwestern area of China, but the location has not been determined. As one of the biggest Chinese online bookstores, currently has logistics bases in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.


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