Chinese electronics retailer China 3C Group has signed a product distribution agreement with Juda Group, a Chinese consumer electronics goods manufacturer.

Under this agreement, China 3C will begin selling all of Juda Group's consumer electronics products as well as provide after-sales service support for these products at all China 3C stores located in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. Revenues generated from Juda Group's products will benefit China 3C's Sanhe subsidiary.

Zhuang Bingwu, CEO of Juda Group, said, "We are delighted to establish this relationship with China 3C Group. This agreement marks our first entry into the eastern China market and we are honored to align ourselves with a retailer that has significant distribution capability and a strong 'store-in-store' presence in the Huadong region."

Juda Group is based in southern China. Its products include DVD players, high definition DVD players, home theater systems and stereo equipment.


  1. Dear sir
    Iam living in Tanzania Zanzibar, Iwant to buy single eletronic
    product from china will tall me how ican send you money and
    the total cost of shiping that product to Tanznia -ZAnzibar
    that product know as SKS Satellite sharing STB FAT Satellite Receiver tv box
    thank you


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