China Mobile (CHL) has sent an internal memo to its partners which outlines the business management organization during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The notice says that companies are strictly prohibited from sending mobile promotional group messages by SMS, MMS or WAP to China Mobile's customers without the express consent of the users. They are also not allowed to send promotions about the businesses of Monternet through the terminals of other operators. China Mobile will levy an undefined fine on any enterprise that fails to follow the rules.

In addition, China Mobile has informed its partners to ensure that all information about how to order and pay for mobile services is clear and transparent to mobile users. Companies must not conceal the substance of their charges or lure users to book their services through setting traps or cheating them on prices. At the same time, collection services of any form will be forbidden during the glorious Olympic period.

According to the notice, collection services are those which are not offered or realized by Monternet, but are charged through Monternet. These collection service charges include, but are not limited to, the download charges of films, music, pictures, software and games.


  1. Spam has been forbidden for a long time, but there was no reason for them to crack down on it before – it's making them money, after all

  2. I can already hear ye olde death bell ringing for KongZhong and Linktone without their trusty wireless spam services to prop up their financial results


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