Datang has established partnerships with many multinational corporations, including Microsoft (MSFT) and Dell (DELL), in Beijing to promote their cooperation in various aspects from TD-SCDMA terminal solutions to application software.

According to a memorandum, Datang will start deep cooperation with Microsoft in a series of key applications, including the application of the TD-SCDMA 3G data card driver in the next generation of Windows; the cooperation between Windows Mobile and TD-SCDMA in terminal solutions and application software; and the cooperation in other TD-SCDMA 3G value-added services and applications.

Eugenio Beaufrand, COO of Microsoft, says that the strategic partnership between Microsoft and Datang in the TD-SCDMA development sector will ensure the success of the development and promotion of TD-SCDMA terminal products. The cooperation is also consistent with Microsoft's requirement for its layout in the next-generation communications.

At the same time, Datang and Dell reached an agreement, which says the two sides will cooperate in such sectors as pre-inserted TD-SCDMA 3G data cards in Dell's products.

As a main terminal of TD-SCDMA, the 3G data card can be inserted into laptops to realize data applications such as wireless access with seamless broadband and video download functions. It can also support functions that are specially designed for mobile phones, including voice communication and SMS.


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