According to China Unicom (CHU), the company finished its upgrade from GSM to GPRS in the 31 cities and provinces across China by the end of June 2008 and all of its pre-paid and post-paid users are now able to enjoy the GPRS services.

By mid-July, China Unicom has opened GPRS roaming service in 12 countries and regions, including the USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Luxemburg, Belgium, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. China Unicom users in these countries and regions can use mobile surfing services such as MMS and WAP.

China Unicom has disclosed that after the completion of the GPRS upgrade, the capacity and the call quality of its network will be improved substantially. In addition, the company will extend the coverage of its international roaming service to 201 countries and regions, covering more than 90% of the land and more than 95% of the populations on the global mobile communications map.


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