According to Wang Jianzhou, president of China Mobile, the company has achieved agreements with major international mobile communications operators to greatly reduce the international roaming fees during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

China Mobile has signed roaming agreements with most of the WCDMA operators across the world, which ensures the convenient roaming of foreign WCDMA mobile phones to China Mobile's 2G network. At the same time, the company signed roaming service agreements with 376 global mobile communications operators to offer seamless and smooth roaming services to mobile phone users from all over the world.

Wang said at a press conference that the 3G mobile phones of foreign visitors can realize smooth roaming to the 2G network of China Mobile, because all 3G mobile phones are compatible with 2G functions.

Referring to the high international roaming fees, Wang says that China Mobile has been calling for the reduction of international roaming fees, including call charges and data charges. The company takes the Olympics as an opportunity to invite major international mobile communications operators to Beijing for the discussion of a preferential price during the Olympic Games and the proposal gained support from these operators. Although the detailed prices have not been published, there will certainly be discounted roaming fees during the Games.


  1. Except for Japanese ones, of course. (Japan used their own 2G standard, but then shifted onto international standards for 3G).


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