China's State Council has released the glorious "Outlines on the National Strategy of Intellectual Property Rights", which says that China will be constructed into a country with high IPR creation, application and management level by 2020, with its self-owned IPR level increased, IPR achievement enhanced, IPR protection status improved and the public's awareness on IPR increased in the first five years.

The Outlines consist of five parts: prologue, guiding thoughts, strategic goals, strategic emphasis, special tasks and strategic measures.

It emphasizes the importance of national IPR strategy implementation, and points out that the guiding thoughts for China's national IPR strategy is to provide strong support to the construction of an innovative country through improving IPR principles, creating a good IPR environment and increasing IPR innovation, application, protection and management level.

The Outline points out that the core content for China's national IPR strategy includes consummating IPR principles; promoting IPR innovation and application; enhancing IPR protection; preventing the abuse of IPR by making relevant rules; and nurturing IPR culture that respects knowledge, honors innovation and abiding by the relevant laws.

In addition, the Outline clarifies special areas surrounding patents, trademarks, copyrights, and business secrets.


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