Blue Bamboo says its Chinese partner KuaiPay has designed and integrated a closed loop contactless payment system for the Holland Heineken House, which is located in the Nongzhanguan area of Beijing.

The HHH venue has a history of being one of the games' largest and most recognized entertainment venues. Blue Bamboo's solution is significant as it combines several new technologies, including embedded contactless POS terminals and a new Bluetooth wireless access server, all developed on the GlobalPlatform secure open standard platform.

This year's event will allow patrons to use collectible HHH contactless prepaid cards throughout the venue on handheld POS terminals carried by HHH staff. The addition of the Bluetooth wireless access server creates complete transaction coverage for a venue such as HHH at more than 76000 square meters while maintaining a limited footprint and mobile capability. Patrons will be encouraged to collect these prepaid cards.


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