After Chang Xiaobing was assigned as president and CEO of the newly reconfigured China Unicom (CHU), China Unicom says that after the merger of China Unicom and China Netcom, the management tier of the new China Unicom will be selected from the current senior managers of the two companies.

China Unicom says that the two companies have established a joint working team under the leadership of Chang. The working team will be responsible for the integration of China Unicom and China Netcom and to ensure the smooth implement of the business strategy of the new company after the restructuring.

Apart from Chang Xiaobing, China Unicom currently has three vice presidents: Tong Jilu, Li Gang and Zhang Jun'an; and one director of the discipline inspection team, Miao Jianhua. China Unicom has seven senior managers, including Lu Yimin, Zuo Xunsheng, Li Jianguo, Pei Aihua, Zhao Jidong, Li Fushen and Jiang Zhengxin. In addition, China Netcom has several general manager assistants, including Zhu Lijun, who may also be taken into consideration.

To achieve a good balance, the new China Unicom may separately assign the management teams of its parent company and its listed company and to include some of China Netcom's general manger assistants on the manager list of the listed company.

China Unicom adds that the integration of the two companies will be started immediately after the contract comes into effect and the integration is expected to be completed in one year.


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