According to China Tietong, its Hong Kong branch has gained a telecommunications unified carrier license from the Office of the Telecommunications Authority of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Relying on its advantages in the railway sector, China Tietong founded its Hong Kong branch, which specially focuses on international projects, in 2008. Since the start of normal operations, the China Tietong Hong Kong branch has actively developed its local management in Hong Kong and already opened direct voice lines with dozens of companies, in addition to developing the high-profit international line rental business while providing support to China Tietong's international business customers.

China Tietong Hong Kong branch formerly has two public non-proprietary telecommunications service licenses, but it can only rent the lines of other fixed-line providers and offer second-tier telecommunications services, which greatly limits the business range of the company. Therefore, on the founding of its Hong Kong branch, China Tietong handed in an application to the Office of the Telecommunications Authority of Hong Kong for a new fixed telecommunications network services license.

During the application period, Hong Kong experienced its telecommunication licensing reform and the original single license system was changed to a unified carrier license system. At the same time, China Tietong Hong Kong branch becomes the first telecommunications operator to gain the unified carrier license in Hong Kong. With the license, China Tietong Hong Kong branch gets the qualification to offer international fixed-line network services in Hong Kong and the company will be able to construct and management cable lines and network elements in Hong Kong.

At present, the monthly international voice traffic on China Tietong Hong Kong branch's network platform is over 20 million minutes and its Internet bandwidth has reached 4.5 gigabytes.


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