One Network, an American supply chain management software provider, has announced its formal entry into the Chinese market.

As in its U.S. headquarters, One Network will set up an organization with complete functions such as research, sales, marketing and local data center in China. Unlike common supply chain management software providers, One Network adopts the popular SaaS model, which enables the collaborative and multi-enterprise operational processes. Under the SaaS model, customers are able to share the solutions of One Network with their suppliers, manufacturers and retailers by some simple settings and implementations. In addition, the users can arrange a group of modules or an end-to-end business process to cover various sectors, including demand management, supply, booking management, inventory management, distribution, logistics, production and purchase.

Zhang Huidong, president of the Asia-Pacific region of One Network, told local media that the Chinese manufacturing industry is facing challenges and pressures brought by rising costs, globalization, quality problems and new laws. With its new SaaS model, One Network will help these companies to improve the management efficiency of their supply chain.

Founded in 2002, the American-based One Network aims to pioneer the use of next-generation technology to enable precision execution of collaborative, multi-enterprise operational processes.


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