According to Su Ming, director of the marketing department for Haier's air-conditioning products, the company will launch a CNY100 million special program to open 1,500 air-conditioner specialty stores across China during the 2009 air-conditioner year, which is from September 1 to August 31 next year.

The 1,500 air-conditioner retail specialty stores will be deployed in third and fourth-tier cities, including 102 in Henan Province and 50 in Hunan Province.

While developing its specialty store sector, Haier also plans adjustments to its cooperation model with dealers. The company reportedly will implement a closed regional management system over its core customers, who have good sales performances as well as sets up an operating company named Ririshun Air-conditioner Company. Jointly managed by Haier and local air-conditioner dealers, these dealers will be responsible for paying the operating costs of local Ririshun companies. The dealers buy out the sales rights of Haier's air-conditioning products in certain areas while Haier will provide air-conditioning products and export management to them.

Over the 2008 air-conditioner year, Haier opened two such companies in Henan and it plans to increase the number of this Ririshun Air-conditioner Company to five in this province in the 2009 air-conditioner year.


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