Toshiba Releases 2008 Chinese Edition Of Its CSR Report

Toshiba Group has released the Chinese edition of its "Toshiba Group – Social Responsibility and Environmental Report 2008", the fourth Chinese corporate social responsibility report for the group.

Besides CSR activities the group has published around the globe for customers, shareholders, suppliers, staff, and communities, the report also elaborates on the CSR activities of Toshiba's companies in China, including supporting education, promoting environmental protection, and charities, particularly contributions to Sichuan's recent earthquake relief work.

In the report, Toshiba also established Toshiba Environment Outlook 2050, hoping that its comprehensive environmental efficiency in 2050 would be ten times of that in 2000, and CO2 emissions would be reduced 7.6 million tons in 2050.

Toshiba began to develop its business in China in 1972.

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