Microsoft (MSFT) China has reportedly signed a memorandum of understanding on global strategic partnership with Bright Oceans Corporation Communications.

According to, the rumor about the two sides' cooperation has been ongoing since the end of June, but it had not been confirmed by the parties until July 31.

Tim Chen, CEO of Microsoft China, says that by combining Microsoft's technology advantage and BOCO Communication's specialty in local market and clients, they will be able to provide more value to domestic clients, particularly clients from communications, transportation and energy industries. According to the agreement, the parties will carry out cooperation on training, solution development, Microsoft product deployment and joint marketing.

BOCO Communications is a company mainly engaged in telecom operation support systems, information security products, value-added services and transportation. The report says though Microsoft won't inject any investment into BOCO in the short term, it will extend its partnership with the acceleration of its expansion in China.


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