Zou Shenglong, former president and chief executive officer of Xunlei, told local media that Cheng Hao, co-founder of Xunlei and former chief operating officer of the company, has replaced Zou's position as the president of the company, but Zou will continue to be CEO of Xunlei.

Xunlei internally announced this decision a month ago. Apart from the above appointment, the company also assigned its former vice president Luo Weimin and Liu Feng as joint COO of the company. Luo is responsible for external affairs such as marketing, while Liu focuses on internal businesses, including commerce and products.

In October 2002, Zou co-founded Xunlei with Cheng, his a fellow alumnus from Duke University and a former senior manager of Chiense search engine Baidu.com. Before this just-announced personnel transfer, Zou, as the president and CEO of Xunlei, was mainly in charge of the company's online businesses and Cheng was responsible for the technical team of the company.


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