China's TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance has launched regulations to prevent vicious competition among its members.

The TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance says in the regulations that to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of China's TD-SCDMA industry, members of the TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance should assume their obligations and responsibilities to maintain a market environment of fair competition and fulfill their mission to promote a virtuous circle in the entire 3G industry.

The regulations also state that the members of the TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance have the responsibilities and obligations to actively publicize and evaluate the TD-SCDMA technologies, products and the industry. Meanwhile, they should also fight the irregular competition means that disturb the normal management of other enterprises, so as to maintain the overall image of the TD-SCDMA industry in market promotions. All the members of the TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance should respect the intellectual property rights of other enterprises, actively implement cooperation with upstream and downstream businesses, resolve the disputes in market competitions through consultations and accept the results of market competitions.

All the members of the TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance have reached a consensus on the regulations and the regulations will go into effect after being approved by the alliance's council in the coming weeks.

Founded in 2002, China's TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance now has eight council members, including China Mobile, ZTE and Datang, in addition to more non-council units that focus on bringing 3G mobile services to reality in China.


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