According to Xie Jinhui, vice director of the Academy of Broadcasting Planning of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television of China, the administration is planning to build a central-level company for China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting.

The company will be invested by units directly under the SARFT and the establishment of the company has already started. Xie says that the whole project will cost tens of billion yuan. Taking CMMB as the third opportunity for the development of China's broadcast industry, SARFT has attached great importance to the promotion of CMMB. At present, 37 Olympic cities and provincial capitals are optimizing their CMMB network coverage. By the end of 2008, 360 prefecture-level cities will complete their construction of CMMB networks and the network coverage will further extend to areas such as rural settings, roads, railways and waterways.

Xie adds that the SARFT will lead the production, integration and operation of CMMB programs and be in charge of the issuing of certificates for the integration and transmission of CMMB programs. In addition, it plans to set up 338 central, municipal and prefectural content integration platforms as well as a encrypted-operated national-unified customer resource management system.


  1. I'm JTKim from CMMB signal generator manufacturing company in Korea.
    I would like to know the city name that broadcasting CMMB.
    Thanks for your time in advance.


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