Tianya.cn and Babytree.com announced that the two websites has established a strategic partnership and will jointly set up a butted platform.

The platform will be docked under Tianya.cn's OpenID system. Once the project is completed, users of the two websites will be able to log into both of the websites with either Tianya.cn's credentials or that of Babytree.com.

Xing Ming, CEO at Tianya.cn, says that an online community is a powerful business model. Whether providing value-added services to individual users or new advertising opportunities to companies, an online community, where demands of users can be fully demonstrated, is likely to be a more effective model than any other network service model, including search engine advertising.

Wang Huainan, CEO and co-founder of Babytree.com, says that the cooperative basis of Tianya.cn and Babytree.com is that they believe most of the Chinese netizens will need the professional services of Babytree.com in a certain period of their lives. At the same time, as a social person, every user of Babytree.com has a demand for a comprehensive and general community. Therefore, with the cooperation of Babytree.com's professional community and Tianya.cn's comprehensive community, they will offer an open and professional platform for users of both of the websites.

Founded in March 1999, Tianya.cn is a leading Chinese community website that has developed various network services, including online personal spaces, albums, blogs and virtual shopping.

Babytree.com is a Chinese online community that focuses on mothers and children. The website provides information and functions that relate to children, as well as a platform for communication.


  1. Big business with only one child in China I can understand, but how are they doing if their entire business is online and most mothers in China do not have Internet access. I would like to see some charities start grassroots efforts to help bring the internet to all parts of China along the lines of what the UN is doing. I can assist anybody doing this too so plz let me know :)

    Doug Hargrove


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