To further promote the development of HP's (HPQ) micro-enterprise development program in China, the company has recently started cooperation with Youth Business China to launch a micro-enterprise development program management center, which is mainly responsible for program management in Chinese mainland.

Cui Ruzhi, vice chairman of YBC's Resource Coordinating Committee, told local media the project offers a systematic entrepreneurship training model and the establishment of the Chinese management center represents a close partnership between HP and YBC.

Specially designed for entrepreneurs and owners of micro-enterprises, the micro-enterprise development program of HP is a community public welfare investment project that aims to raise the management ability of these companies by technological means. Being introduced into China in 2007, the project has received total investment of over CNY10 million. At present, the program has established partnership with organizations such as YBC, China Association for Employment Promotion and Beijing Fuping Development Institute and set up 21 HP micro-enterprise development centers around China.


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