Jiangmin, one of China's leading anti-virus software provider, has recently launched its anti-virus product for 2009, KV2009, starting a new round market of competition in China's busy anti-virus software sector.

The new KV2009 product of Jiangmin will adopt over ten new technologies, including heuristic scanning and sandbox. With the sandbox technology, the operation traces of a virus will be eliminated from the operating system so as to recover the computer to a normal situation. KV2009 will be able to provide a comprehensive protection, covering data of computer, Internet applications and system security.

Apart from these new technologies, Jiangmin also improves the service of its anti-virus software by extending the service period of KV2009 from two years to five years, making it an anti-virus software with the longest service period in China.

Commenting on the extension of its software service period, Wang Jiangmin, chairman of Jiangmin, says it is a concession to Jiangmin's users to get them to use the product for a longer period of time. However, as most of China's major anti-virus software still stick to a two-year service period, Jiangmin's consumer-friendly move may arouse public indignation in the industry and start a new war in China's anti-virus software sector.


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