The National Development and Reform Commission of China has published the fourth edition of its energy efficiency labeling catalog, which states that six kinds of home appliances should now be sold with energy efficiency labels.

The six home appliances products are computer monitors, home induction cookers, storage-type electric water heaters, copiers, speed-controlled air conditioners, and multiple air-conditioning units. In addition, some products such as computer monitors and induction cookers are also required to offer standby power consumption on the label, marking the optimization of the energy efficiency labeling standard.

The energy efficiency label will be formally taken into effect on March 1, 2009. However, for products produced before December 31, 2008, the implementation of the energy efficiency label will be postponed to March 1, 2010. From then on, products whose energy efficiency levels fail to meet the relevant standards will not be allowed to be manufactured, sold or imported into China. The energy efficiency label should also be placed in an eye-catching position. If the actual energy efficiency is not consistent with that marked on the label, the manufacturer of the unqualified product will be punished.

Energy efficiency labeling is a performance indicator that shows the energy efficiency level of appliances and electronic products. With the energy efficiency label, consumers can directly tell the energy efficiency of these products. Prior to this, the NDRC launched three batches of catalogs, covering major appliances products like refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines.


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