The Chinese anti-virus software provider Rising has apologized to its users for a bug in its Kaka Assistant product and announced at the same time that the company would help users to restore their lost emails and missing data.

The bug, which appeared in Rising's Kaka Assistant on November 7, 2008, led to the loss of emails for users of Outlook Express pre-installed in the operating system of Microsoft. The Outlook software integrated into Microsoft's Office software will not be affected.

Within two hours after the bug appeared, Rising upgraded its product and completed the repair of this bug. It issued a pubic apology on the same day in addition to a hotline to offer help to users who had suffered the email losses.

By November 8, about 400 users have turned to Rising for help and the company's engineers have assisted them in restoring the emails. At the same time, the company has published a special repair tool and the instruction for this tool. Users can restore their lost emails and data with the repair tool.


  1. Free Rising Looked good but messed up both of my windows xp computers. One Laptop and one Desktop. After a few days of automatic updates software programs Opera,DvDFlick and Free Easy Cut. dvdflick started with popups saying the freeware had no license. Opera's popups said another instance was running when it wasn,t.
    free easy cuts popup said could not enter video and to use mpeg2 format. the video was mpeg2. Not much respect in this software.


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