Having upgraded the highest speed of its ADSL broadband to four megabytes, the China Netcom Beijing branch has now started to reduce the fee for its two megabytes ADSL broadband and the price has been formally decreased to CNY168 from November 2008.

According to the new charging plan of the China Netcom Beijing branch, from November 1, 2008, the monthly fee of two megabytes ADSL broadband has been reduced from CNY188 to CNY168 while the annual fee has been reduced from CNY1880 to CNY1680.

Customer service staff of the company say that for users who newly installed or newly upgraded to the two megabytes ADSL broadband, the company will give them home gateways and roaming accounts for free. If they promise to use the service for at least one year, they can gain a three-month free trial of some value-added services.

Prior to this, a representative from the China Netcom Beijing branch said the company was testing the eight-megabyte broadband and even broadband with higher speeds.


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