Chinese telecom manufacturer ZTE has published a report saying the company has signed two CDMA network construction contracts with China Telecom (CHA).

The two contracts, which cover wireless network and business network, have a total value of CNY1.33 billion. Through these contracts, ZTE will provide China Telecom with CNY1.27 billion CDMA wireless network equipment, technical documents and services as well as CNY61 million of business network equipment, technical documents and services.

The report also says ZTE is currently negotiating with China Telecom on the contract of core network and relevant equipment, a part of China Telecom's mobile network construction project.

China Telecom's CDMA tender result for 342 Chinese cities came out in mid-October 2008 and statistics at that time showed ZTE and Huawei gained 25% share of the tender, Alcatel-Lucent gained 19%, Motorola gained 16%, Nortel gained 14% and Samsung gained 2%.


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