According to Anti-Phishing Alliance of China, by October 30, 2008 it had suspended the domain names of more than 300 Chinese phishing websites with the help of the anti-phishing system based on the .CN domain names.

Phishing websites have been threatening the Internet's security, especially since the second half of September when the financial crisis was expanding around the world. The rise of a large number of phishing websites seriously blocked the development of e-commerce and online financial businesses. With this in mind, APAC established an anti-phishing coordination mechanism, which not only ensures the safety and healthy development of e-commerce and online financial services, but also raises the security of .CN domain names.

Led by China Internet Network Information Center, the organization in charge of the registration of domain names in China, APAC is committed to fighting phishing websites in e-commerce and online financial services, which are the sectors mostly harmed by phishing websites. Since its founding in July 2008, APAC has played an important role in clearing the Chinese Internet of miscreants.

At present, 42 Chinese and foreign companies, including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Tencent,, and, have joined the alliance, covering such sectors as the Internet finance, securities, e-commerce and online games.

So far, there are about 12.91 million .CN domain names in the world.



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