China Financial Certification Authority has published a survey report on China's Internet banks in 2008.

According to the report, the active users of personal Internet banks in China are mainly adults between 25 and 44, accounting for 62.2% of the total users. Of this total, the ratio of male users to female users is six to four.

Analyzed by professions, four kinds of people, including general staff of companies, corporate managing staff, professional technicians and students, are the major users of the online bank services. The average monthly income of these active Internet bank users is about CNY3,700 and their family monthly income is about CNY7,400.

In addition, in medium and large-sized Chinese cities, about 19.9% of the population use personal Internet banks while in the top ten most economically developed Chinese cities, the proportion reaches 44.9%, which is 7.1% higher than that of 2007.

The most frequently used online bank service is account inquiry with a utility rate of 67.6%, followed by online payment and online remittance and transfer with utility rates of 53.5% and 42.9%, respectively. The least used services include credit card repayment and personal loan acquisition.


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