According to just-released statistics from the Bureau of Statistics of Tibet, by 2007 the number of fixed-line and mobile phone users in Tibet had reached 1.443 million, which means every two persons in Tibet had one phone.

The white paper about the cultural protection and development of Tibet published by the State Council in 2008 says that Tibet's mobile phone business started in August 1993. At that time, there was only one base station in Tibet and its switch could only support 4,500 users. Today 8,300 mobile base stations have been constructed in this area, providing services for about 800,000 mobile phone users.

Information from the China Telecom Tibet branch shows that as the opening of the phone line in Shangzhenka of Gedang Village, Motuo County, Tibet on November 7, 2008, the China Telecom Tibet branch has successfully opened phone lines for 3,421 Tibetan administrative villages, accounting for 57.68% of the total number of administrative villages in Tibet.

To provide convenience for the communications of Tibetan people, the Tibet University and the China Telecom Tibet branch jointly developed new mobile phone services in Tibetan language. In addition, the Tibetan-language short message platform and the Tibetan-language GSM mobile phones are currently undergoing research and development.


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