Rumors are swirling on the Chinese Internet that the Chinese video website has started to block the video search of Baidu and Google.

At present, videos from cannot be found in Baidu's video search results and the number of's videos in Google's video search results has been greatly reduced. told local media that the company has a good relationship with Baidu and the strategic cooperation between the two companies is successful. In terms of the self-development plans of, the company has been committed to optimizing its contents, structure and user resources. At present, has a large user group and the company need to protect the video experience of users who directly visit its website, because the loyalty and value of these users are relatively higher than those who search videos via search engines.

But different voices on chat boards say that's block of video searches is a way to reduce traffic, so as to cut its costs to ease the financial pressure and deal with the financial crisis.

In June 2007, achieved a strategic cooperation with and placed its links on the pages of Baidu, but the cooperation has ended.'s competitor also cooperates with Baidu in the same way.


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