Chinese online game developer Giant Interactive Group (GA) has created a program today to incubate developers in China who are focused on creating marketable games.

Liu Wei, Giant's president, commented, "We will not only focus on the intellectual ideas generated by our own internal R&D teams, but we are also interested to hear from any team or individual with new product ideas and potential. We have established an infrastructure, a system in evaluating the entrepreneurs' ideas and progress, a sound incubator incentive plan, and a pool of experienced business professionals ready to assist such promising and talented individuals."

The company's online game incubator is called [email protected], and it is open to applicants possessing talent in any of the areas of game design, project management, programming, art, and other specialties related to online games. The program can accommodate individuals, small project teams, and studios.

[email protected] participants will have access to Giant's operational expertise and tools, such as Giant's game engines, payment systems, and back-end systems.


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