To accelerate the internationalization of Great Wall Computer's business, the group plans to include its Hong Kong subsidiary in China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Co., Ltd. and to establish the subsidiary as Great Wall Computer's window to the world.

China Great Wall Computer Shenzhen has published a report, which states it will acquire a 99.9999% stake in China Great Wall Computer Hong Kong from its parent company, China Great Wall Computer Group, to accelerate the internationalization of the company. The price of this transaction will be decided after the evaluation from a third party.

Great Wall Computer Hong Kong, formerly an important purchasing agency of Great Wall Computer, is now mainly a platform company that connects Great Wall Computer Group to the overseas market and does not have any actual business. According to the report, by December 31, 2007, the total assets of Great Wall Computer Hong Kong were HKD126 million.

Great Wall Computer Shenzhen says with the geographical advantages of Great Wall Computer Hong Kong, the company will gradually set up a window and platform for its international business and enlarge Great Wall Computer's influence in the overseas market. In addition, it can attract high-level international talents through the platform to reduce its comprehensive operating costs.


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