According to local Chinese media reports, the upper management of China's leading telecommunications operator China Mobile will soon go to Finland to promote Nokia's research and production of TD-SCDMA mobile phones.

To stimulate manufacturers' enthusiasm, China Mobile will, with the help of relevant government departments, provide policy support to international mobile phone manufacturers who support the development of the Chinese TD-SCDMA standard and give priority to those manufacturers in future tenders, purchases and product customizations.

As a national focus of China, the TD-SCDMA standard has entered large scale commercial operation. However, the terminal problems are still the largest obstacles in its development. On one hand, there are only a few varieties of TD-SCDMA mobile phones, which limit users' selections; on the other hand, the qualities of some TD-SCDMA mobile phones are low, which affects users' adoption of TD-SCDMA. In regards to these problems, China Mobile's chairman Wang Jianzhou has called for solutions several times and recently, the company has launched new measures to promote the development of the TD-SCDMA mobile phone industry chain.

For a long time, some international mobile phone manufacturers held a wait-and-see attitude about TD-SCDMA mobile phones. So far, among the world's top five mobile phone manufacturers, including Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson, only the two Korean companies Samsung and LG are active in this new technology.

China Mobile expresses strong dissatisfaction with the passive attitude of these international manufacturers. To deal with this situation, China Mobile has enlarged cooperation with domestic Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in its purchasing process while sending high level officers to communicate with these international brands' overseas management.


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