Even though it already declared bankruptcy in Canada, Nortel is still working hard on expanding its business within China, and the company just unveiled details of its LTE TDD 4G tests.

Nortel has successfully completed the first end-to-end video streaming session using a TDD-based LTE network, working with commercial grade LTE base station and device prototypes in China. Demonstrating the power of 4G to deliver bandwidth-intensive applications to mobile users, engineers in Nortel's China R&D Center of Excellence completed the streaming video session using Nortel's LTE eNodeB with a prototype device for LTE TDD.

China confirmed earlier this year the award of 3G licenses to the three major telecom operators in the country. China Mobile will operate a network based on the TD-SCDMA standard, China Telecom will operate a CDMA2000-based network, and China Unicom will operate the country's WCDMA network.

The demonstrations, completed on January 23, 2009, were undertaken by engineers at Nortel's joint venture Guangdong Nortel Telecommunications Ltd. R&D facility in Guangzhou.

According to a representative from Nortel China, the bankruptcy protection announced by Nortel last month will not affect the formal operation of its subsidiary in China.

On January 15, 2009, the Canadian communications and network giant Nortel announced plans to seek bankruptcy protection from the United States' Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. At the same time, its many subsidiaries in Canada and Europe will fall under the bankruptcy protection procedure. This makes Nortel the first large technology enterprise that applied for bankruptcy protection since the outbreak of the global financial crisis.


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