Feng Jun, president of Aigo, announced at the P&T/Expo Comm China 2008 that by cooperating with China Unicom and Sina.com's music channel, the company has launched the world's first MP6 product.

Named eMusicPlayer, the whole set of the MP6 product include a wireless reading-point pen, a music magazine with 200 to 300 genuine songs, and a music player. By connecting with the Internet, if the users of the MP6 product point at the name of a song in the magazine, the eMP will automatically play the song.

According to the technicians of Aigo, the magazine is equipped with digital watermarking technology, which can spread through infrared. In addition, this eMP product applies the popular Wi-Fi technology, which enables the users to listen to online music directly with a wireless router.

Feng says that the new eMP product will be sold at a price of about CNY1,000. Aigo will publish new music magazines periodically and the price for a music magazine is about CNY10, in which about 200 to 300 genuine songs will be included. Unlike songs in MP3 format, the sound of these genuine songs can better equal that of CDs. The new eMP product is expected to be sold in a large scale in China towards the end of this year.


  1. i would like to know the latest product of aigo, which is publish in the phillipine, its mp3 or5 which is like sunglass with 2 earphone attache.and the latest mp5 or 6 i would like to have some catalog as well as the price. thank you


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