China Mobile Pakistan has announced that the company will invest USD500 million in constructions of networks and infrastructures in Pakistan this year to help its "Zong" brand in the country.

Waqar Ahmed Khan, director of the Investment Ministry of Pakistan, expressed his appreciation of China Mobile Pakistan's positive role in promoting the economic growth of Pakistan and in the economic and trade cooperation between China and Pakistan. He says the country welcomes more Chinese companies to invest in Pakistan. Luo Zhaohui, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, has thanked the Pakistani government for providing such a good investment environment. He says China Mobile Pakistan sets a good example for cooperation between China and Pakistan. He believes that more Chinese companies will invest in Pakistan in the future.

In February 2007, China Mobile acquired the 100% stake in Paktel and renamed the company to China Mobile Pakistan. According to China Mobile Pakistan's COO Zafar Usmani, China Mobile has invested USD1.66 billion in Pakistan, creating 41,700 job opportunities for the country.

Wang Jianzhou, head of China Mobile, said last year that the new "Zong" brand for the company in Pakistan is not only a brand of the Pakistan branch, but also an international brand for China Mobile.


  1. we all pakistani love china and its people.we want to see china as super power of the world.and we thank china to provide such a great gift in the form of "Zong"


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