According to internal information from China TieTong, China Mobile has published a notice to its provincial branches about the integration of China TieTong's channel resources.

In the notice, China Mobile defines the schedule for the relevant work. As the completion of the asset liquidation of China TieTong nears, the merger of China Mobile and China TieTong has entered the resource integration stage. In the notice published by China Mobile, the company gives clear and detailed explanations about the definition for China TieTong's channels, phased arrangement of the integration work and the direction for the channel resource integration. According to the notice, the channel resource integration will be divided into three stages.

The first stage is exploratory cooperation, which lasts from January to June 2009. In this stage, China Mobile will promote its services through the channels of China TieTong. The second stage is a deeper cooperation, which lasts from July to December 2009. In this stage, China TieTong's services will gradually enter China Mobile's channels. At the same time, taking advantage of China TieTong's direct sales channels and community channels, the two sides will explore the family-use market and the corporate market.

The third stage is comprehensive cooperation, which will start in 2010. From then on, the two sides will implement overall channel planning to build integrated channels that are based on the services of the fixed line network of China Mobile and achieve comprehensive channel cooperation.


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