China has published the list of the designated computer brands in its subsidy scheme for rural assistance, in which, seven PC makers, including Asus and BenQ, are unfortunately not included.

According to local media, 21 PC makers participated in this tender. Of these companies, 14 computer manufacturers, including Lenovo, TCL, Manjiang, Dell, Founder, Haier, Acer, Inspur, Malata, HP, Hasee, Tsinghua Tongfang, Southwest Computer Sanshan Tianjiao, and Great Wall, will provide 183 types of computers in the subsidy scheme.

The other seven companies, including Asus, BenQ, Hedy, Changchun Zeus, Guangdong Xiongfeng, Chongqing Inno Team, and Pisces, failed in the tender.

Because the subsidy scheme has limitations for the prices of the designated products, which states the price of a desktop should be no higher than CNY3,500 and the price of a notebook should be no higher than CNY4,500, these 14 companies have made price adjustments and developed new products to meet the standards. At present, the general prices of these computers are between CNY2,500 and CNY3,500, of which, the highest is CNY3,499 and the lowest is CNY1,998.


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