In recognition of World Consumer Rights Day on March 15, Han Huasheng, director general of China Consumers' Association, released information that complaints related to China's telecommunications services decreased by 18% year-on-year in 2008.

Statistics from CCA show that in 2008, the nationwide consumers' associations received over 638,000 complaints by consumers and recovered economic losses of CNY660 million for consumers. Of these complaints, quality problems were a major part and the number of those related to telecommunications services has declined over the last year.

Han said because of the efforts and adjustments of departments in charge and telecommunications operators, the number of complaints of telecommunications services decreased by 18% compared with that of 2007.

In addition, the industry has attached more importance to the rights of consumers and established complete measures to protect the consumers. Besides, the Chinese government has launched a series of measures, including price adjustments and promoting reasonable and transparent charges of telecommunications services, to solve the telecommunications fee problems, which also leads to the improvement of consumers' satisfaction.


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