In response to the mobile spam message problem and the irregular use of customer information exposed on CCTV in recent days to honor the World Consumer Rights Day on March 15, China Mobile has held a nationwide television and telephone conference, asking its provincial branches to immediately investigate the problems and plug all possible loopholes.

CCTV's recent investigative journalism programs have reported that the China Mobile Shandong branch has spammed its customers with mobile advertising delivered via SMS. China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has ordered China Mobile to make an immediate investigation and provide an investigation report. In addition, the ministry has asked all the three major Chinese telecommunications operators, China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, to implement a nationwide security audit of their operations

After conducting investigations in its Shandong and Hainan branches, China Mobile says it will crack down on mobile spam messages and protect the information of its customers. China Mobile says it is requiring its provincial branches to immediately investigate the spam message problem and the irregular use of customer information; conduct a nationwide self examination and self correction; plug all possible loopholes; and, of course, continue to protect the interests and rights of Chinese consumers.

In regards to the security of its customer information, China Mobile has asked its provincial branches to control access to the information of customers and to ensure the process of the use of the information can be tracked. Part of the television reports showed that consumer data might have been sold by the telecommunications operators.

For better management, China Mobile requires the provincial branches to raise standards for the approval of sending group messages through their networks. At the same time, the company will improve its handling of reports of spam messages by assigning specific staff to handle these reports to ensure timely response to consumers. China Mobile promises that once a company is reported to its 10086999 report center, China Mobile will make sure that the company will not be able to send short messages to that particular customer.


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