According to Frank Kwok Leung, president of the Chinese online game platform Ourgame, the company is currently discussing with the Chinese online game operator Shanda about their cooperation in joint operation of online games and an agreement is expected to be signed at the end of this month.

Under the cooperation, all of Ourgame's game products will enter Shanda's platform. If the two companies can achieve the cooperation, Ourgame will become the fourth online game company that jointly manages online games with Shanda, following Kingsoft, Storm Entertainment, and Linekong. In addition, Shanda's cooperating model with Ourgame will reportedly be similar with those with Kingsoft and Storm Entertainment.

Since January 2009, Shanda has signed joint management agreements with Kingsoft, Storm Entertainment, and Linekong and their major cooperating model is that Shanda will jointly operate the games of these three companies and Shanda's Internet service platform will have access to the game backend of these companies.

Shanda previously revealed that the cooperation with these companies is just a beginning of the company's joint operation strategy and it will establish partnerships with more companies in the future.


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