The Motorola (MOT) Foundation has announced a grant to the Chicago Public Schools Chinese Connections Program that will fund opportunities for Chicago students to study abroad in China.

The Chinese Connections Program, which provides Chinese language instruction in 28 schools citywide, is the largest Chinese language program in the United States, with 6,000 students studying Chinese language and culture in grades K-12.

The Motorola grant will extend learning beyond the classroom, allowing students to apply their language skills in a cultural immersion program. These "Motorola Scholars" will travel to China for two weeks –attending classes, visiting Chinese businesses like Motorola's China headquarters and experiencing cultural landmarks.

"The Chinese Language Program unites Motorola's support for Chicago Public Schools with our long-established presence in China as an employer and member of the community," said Eileen Sweeney, director of the Motorola Foundation. "This on-the-ground experience will give Chicago students an edge as they begin thinking about business careers — further strengthening Chicago's role as a partner with China."

Motorola is the largest corporate contributor to the Chinese Connections Program.

"Learning another language is more than a luxury for our students — it is a necessity," said Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. "We need to prepare our students to compete in the global economy through programs like Chicago's Chinese Connections Program. This is a perfect example of how many different groups such as the People's Republic of China and Chicago's business community are coming together to support students."

With more than 68,000 employees globally, Motorola seeks to benefit the communities where it operates. The company achieves this by making strategic grants, forging strong community partnerships, fostering innovation and engaging stakeholders. The Motorola Foundation has as its funding focus, education, community and environmental issues.


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