Chinese software provider Kingsoft has launched the Japanese edition of its translation software Ciba in Tokyo.

The three major software products of Kingsoft, including the security software Duba and the office software WPS Office and Ciba, are now available in the Japanese market. The Japanese edition Ciba has two versions, which are the desktop version and the iPhone version.

Qiu Bojun, chairman and CEO of Kingsoft, says that one of the future goals of Kingsoft is to accelerate the expansion of internationalization. Kingsoft's online game product has gained success in Vietnam and its office and security software have occupied leading positions in Japan. He hopes the translation software Kingsoft Ciba can create a new miracle for the company.

The Japanese edition Ciba will reportedly refer to the Japanese-English, English-Japanese, and Japanese-Japanese dictionaries published by major Japanese dictionary publishing firms, including Sanseido and Obunsha. It will also adopt the example sentence search system independently developed by Kingsoft Japan and the multilingual translation function of Google.

Kingsoft set up its Japanese office in 2005 and in September of the same year, the company introduced the Japanese edition of its security software Kingsoft Duba into Japan. Then, its office software WPS Office was formally launched in the Japanese market on February 1, 2007.

Shen Haiyin, CEO of Kingsoft Japan, says they are glad at the successful development and launch of the Japanese edition Ciba, whose complete word base will provide quality translation services to users. Shen reveals that users now can download the Japanese edition Ciba for free via the Internet and the company will try to make profits by providing advertising and value-added services in the future.


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