Sichuan-based electronics manufacturer Changhong has announced plans to invest CNY150 million to establish an Internet content platform named Lejiao Web.

Users who buy Changhong's newly-developed flat-panel TVs can login to the website for free to download and watch thousands of TV programs, including films, TV series, education programs, documentaries, and health-related programs.

A representative from Changhong says that the Lejiao Web is developed by Sichuan Changhong Information Technology, a subsidiary of Changhong that is located in Shanghai. At present, the programs on Lejiao Web are mainly provided by authentic content service providers and in the future, more self-developed content by Sichuan Changhong Information Technology will be available on the website.

However, according to laws in China, companies that want to manage Internet TV business should apply for relevant licenses from the State Administration of Radio Film and Television. Changhong said it is currently applying for the License for Publication of Audio-Visual Programs through Information Network and will try to start the operation of the Internet TV business as soon as possible.


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