Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Qiao Xing Mobile Communication Company Ltd. will co-launch high-end 3G mobile phones in China with China TechFaith Wireless Communication Technology Limited.

Under the terms of the agreement, TechFaith will provide total WCDMA and EVDO solutions to Qiao Xing Mobile for the development of high-end 3G handsets that will be marketed under the Qiao Xing Mobile's Veva brand.

Wu Zhi Yang, chairman of Qiao Xing Mobile, commented, "Chinese government has just authorized three major Chinese operators to operate 3G business and the 3G mobile phone market in China is expected to grow significantly. To capture the growth opportunity, we will make full use of VEVA brand advantage in the market and will cooperate with TechFaith to develop high-end WCDMA and EV-DO handsets under our VEVA brand. We believe that the introduction of these high-end 3G handsets will help to further raise the profile of our VEVA brand, as well as, enhance our profitability and growth."

The Veva mobile phones are expected to launch in China in the second quarter of 2009.


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